Cargo Reservations says enhancements will stimulate freight economy

by Canadian Shipper

Effective immediately, CargoReservations has made enhancements to its website and has announced a shift from a downloadable application to a fully integrated online operation with options for all modes of transport.

This is designed to enhance efficiency and provide a more cost-effective means of moving cargo. CargoReservations currently has more than 200 cargo movers signed up to use the system.

“More than anything else, these enhancements are a response to the changing needs of our customers. They require more transportation and pricing options to compete in a tough economic landscape,” said CargoReservations COO Ian Craig.

CargoReservations was launched in 2000 as an exchange of services for the air cargo industry, and now features options for all modes of transportation. With the new application, a user with a wide time window who requests a quote for carriage will receive quotes from air carriers, trucking companies and even ocean carriers.

The decision to include multi-modal transportation options is a direct response to customer requirements for a greater range of flexibility in a strained economy.

CargoReservations has also restructured its pricing plan. Under the new arrangement, sellers of freight capacity will pay a two per cent commission on all successful transactions. Both buyers and sellers will list available freight and capacity for free, and receive unlimited use of the full range of CargoReservations(TM) tools at no additional charge.

“We’ve essentially created a business-to-business version of eBay for the freight industry. By making our vast industry resources accessible for free to anyone with an Internet connection, we’re going to see a dramatic increase in freight volume and trading activity – a major value to customers who benefit from having the most possible transportation options at their fingertips,” says Craig.

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