Cerno Research publishes 2002 compensation trucking results

by Canadian Shipper

Cerno Research Inc. has published its updated report focusing on the compensation practices of Canadian trucking operations.

The ‘2002 Trucking Operations Compensation & Benefits Reports’ are the only annual reports covering the trucking industry in Canada, featuring both national and regional results.

Produced in partnership with the Canadian Trucking Alliance and associated provincial trucking associations, including the Ontario Trucking Association, the 2002 trucking report is based on survey data collected from more than 277 Canadian trucking operations.

The wage levels of more than 130,000 Canadian employees are represented in 103 different job descriptions ranging from junior employees to senior executives. The study also covers over 30 topics regarding employment policies and benefits.

The 2002 study found that the trucking industry is facing a national average unmanaged turnover rate of 26.7 % amongst its drivers. Amongst other employees, turnover rates were lower but well ahead of rates reports in Cerno’s national manufacturing study.

“High turnover rates cost money. Aside from the obvious costs there are costs involving training, managers assigned to turnover, and the new employee learning curve that can impact earnings. With trucking companies looking at improved economic conditions, this is an important time to take a close look at the human costs affecting the bottom line,” says Stephen Harrington, Special Projects Director.

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