ChemLogix formalizes its suite of benchmarking tools

by Canadian Shipper

ChemLogix is offering a multi-tiered suite of benchmarking tools and services to help companies quantify and prioritize cost saving projects.

An increasing number of companies today are seeing the value of benchmarking their performance against the market to target and reduce logistics costs. This starts with having a thorough internal baseline of
current performance that is used to define operating practices and related costs and service performance.

Once the baseline is compared with the benchmarks of competitors or companies with a similar reach, logistics and supply chain managers can develop a targeted strategy to improve operating performance.

"Senior-level decision-makers continue to look for ways to reduce costs," said Steve Hamilton, president and CEO of ChemLogix LLC. "But they can’t understand what the potential for savings really is without first knowing what the industry’s best performers have achieved. This is where benchmarking becomes a valuable analytical tool."

Applying its proprietary suite of benchmarking tools, databases and market expertise, ChemLogix can prepare a baseline of client-specific performance to compare with industry benchmarks at three levels or tiers within the supply chain.

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