CN acquires over 1,000 domestic containers

by MM&D staff

TORONTO: CN has acquired more than 1,000 new domestic containers to serve manufacturers and distributors of grocery and consumer goods in markets across Canada. About 80 percent of the new containers are heated, the railway said, while the other boxes are standard dry containers.

CN will replace 540 existing containers in its domestic fleet while adding an additional 520 containers to bring the overall domestic container number to almost 6,000 units.

According to CN, the railway’s intermodal service offers truck-like transit times with a lower carbon footprint, said Jean-Jacques Ruest, the company’s executive vice-president and chief marketing officer.

“CN has established a growing business transporting temperature-sensitive goods in long-haul markets across Canada. Our continued investment in infrastructure will benefit the reliability of the supply chains of our grocery, consumer goods and manufacturing customers,” Ruest said.