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CN develops fuel-efficient container chassis

CN has developed a fuel-efficient container chassis that's lightweight and uses wide-base tires and trailer skirts.

January 10, 2011

TORONTO, Ont. — Canadian National (CN) has come out with a new environmentally-friendly container chassis it expects to reduce fuel consumption by eight to 10%.

The EcoRide chassis was developed in collaboration with a Canadian supplier. It features side skirts, low rolling resistance wide-base tires on each axle and weighs 15% less than a conventional CN container chassis, the company claims.

The chassis will be put into service in Ontario.

“CN stands for innovation and is continuously looking for ways to reduce its energy consumption and carbon footprint,” said Jean-Jacques Ruest, CN’s executive vice-president and chief marketing office. “After the successful launch last year of EcoTherm, our new greener insulated container, the CN team started to explore other opportunities to provide customers better supply chain solutions that reduce carbon emissions. CN’s next steps in environmental innovation will include testing hybrid container cranes, in-terminal hybrid trucks, and energy efficient generators. CN is deploying the hybrid shunt trucks in ground switching of containers on chassis at our Brampton Intermodal Terminal this month.”

The new chassis seems to be a hit with customers. Major customer Kraft Canada applauded the initiative.

“We are working very closely with CN to develop a low carbon supply chain,” said Craig McLaughlin, vice-president, supply chain, for Kraft Canada. “We appreciate that CN continues finding new ways to be more energy efficient. CN is aligned with Kraft’s focus on those suppliers that deliver the most value, which includes great service, innovation and reduced carbon emissions.”