Con-Way Carriers approved for Customs Self Assessment program

by Canadian Shipper

Con-Way Transportation Services,Inc., a subsidiary of CNF Inc.,has been approved for Canada Customs’ Customs Self Assessment (CSA) program.

Approval was given for the company’s less-than-truckload carriers Con-Way Central Express, Con-Way Western Express and Con-Way Canada Express.

Approval was previously given to Con-Way NOW, the company’s expedited freight service provider.

Bar-coded identification cards will indicate to Canada Customs that Con-Way, the vehicle driver, and the importer of the transported freight, have been all pre-approved by Canada Customs. After verification of the identification cards, there is typically no other documentation check required.

“Participation in Customs Self Assessment is a very important step for Con-Way and our customers,” said Douglas W. Stotlar, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Con-Way. “We want our customers’ shipments to be as secure as possible and also move into Canada efficiently."

The company did not cite specific dollar expenditures but did say that CSA-related expenses were incurred in information technology (IT), personnel training, driver registration and communications.

Con-Way operates 27,000 tractors and trailers in 438 locations across the U.S. and Canada. The company moves freight between Canada and the U.S. at all major border crossing sites that utilize CSA.

The CSA program has been in development since 1998 at the urging of the auto industry and other big importers. It is part of a joint U.S. and Canada cross-border security initiative begun in 2001. The program involves an extensive three-part application and approval process in which the carrier has to provide proof of security measures and policies, numerous business processes including shipment tracing protocols, service locations, systems information and personnel policies.

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