Danzas accepted under phase one of Cargo 2000

by Canadian Shipper

Logistics solutions provider Danzas has been accredited under phase one of the Cargo 2000 initiative, which is designed to strengthen the processes of the air cargo industry.

Phase one of this project focuses on the transit of goods from one airport to another through the logistics provider. Shipments are monitored and must meet a series of quality standards. They are benchmarked at each checkpoint and employees are alerted to any changes or unusual circumstances regarding the shipment so they can take the necessary actions ensuring quality and consistency in their service.

This approach to quality standards maintains that all members must use these guidelines across their global systems and also that they submit a biannual audit report to be sure this is being sustained. The Danzas Group says that Cargo 2000 will provide an important service to everyone involved in the air cargo chain, and help the company meet goals and improve customer relations.

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