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DHL defies FedEx, UPS

February 7, 2001

Cargo airline DHL Airways, which is headquarted in California, has urged the US Department of Transportation (DOT) to dismiss complaints filed by its larger rivals, United Parcel Service Co. and Federal Express Corp., which have asserted that the airline fails to comply with US regulations regarding foreign ownership. With its principal hub in Cincinnati, Ohio, the US carrier is part of the DHL Global Express Network.

According to, DHL says that it is in full compliance with DOT rules that require an airline to have at least 75 per cent of its stockholders’ voting rights controlled by Americans. DHL says it has always complied with this requirement and that American investors retain ownership, management control and the majority of the equity of the airline, DHL said in its DOT filing.

“The complaints filed against us by our larger competitors, FedEx and UPS, are groundless. Seven times in the past six years, despite repeated misstatements by FedEx and UPS, DOT has found that DHL complies fully with all American requirements governing foreign ownership of US airlines,” said Jed Orme, senior vice president and general counsel of DHL.