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DHL receives multi-site ISO 14001 accreditation

February 22, 2001

DHL Aviation has been awarded a region-based ISO 14001 certification, awarded as part of a multi-site application covering DHL’s hubs in the East Midlands, London Heathrow, Cologne and Brussels. These hubs are central to DHL’s operations; managing over half a million tones of freight per year. ISO 14001 requires companies to identify their environmental impacts and continually improve their performance within set objectives.

In Hub & Gateway settings these areas include waste management, recycling, energy consumption and the management of potential environmental risks from freight handling and ground operations. DHL ensured the hubs’ 2250 staff received full awareness training on environmental policy, their relevant site objectives and how implementation of environmental management systems will affect their daily work.

“This is a tremendous achievement and comes on the back of our recent $1.4bn investment in new aircraft. We operate in a high-profile industry and apart from the simple recognition of our efforts, achieving ISO 14001 also has commercial implications. Certification demonstrates to airport authorities, local communitites and our customers that we are effectively managing our environmental impacts,” said Simon Wharton, ISO 14001 Project Manager said.

Following certification, DHL Aviation will face regular audits and must continue its ‘green’ programme. DHL will apply for certification for its air oerations wing and the programme will be rolled out over the next two years to the remaining European hubs of Metz, Bergamo, Copenhagen, Madrid and Vittoria.