Enslow to outline how to get a C-level champion for supply chain at SCL’s conference

by Canadian Shipper

TORONTO, Ont. — No man is an island this is true in all aspects of life and business. The concept of departmentalization and silos are disappearing as synergies among departments are discovered and every member contributes to the development of the whole.

It is not surprising that supply chain managers too, have realized that the path to supply chain improvement is also the path to financial improvement.

Supply Chain & Logistics Association Canada (SCL) is hosting its Annual Conference from May 8-10 in Vaughan Ontario.

This year’s theme is Executing a Lean Supply Chain, designed for practical discovery and dialogue; it will provide you with exceptional learning and professional development opportunities. As the opening keynote speaker for May 10th of the Annual Conference, Beth Enslow, an expert in aligning business goals with IT direction, will demonstrate how you can drive supply chain improvements by collaborating with those in finance, hence reducing redundancies and waste.

“The hard truth is that most C-level executives traditionally could care less about how the supply chain operates they just care about results and they don’t want service excuses. However, the trend of globalization, especially sourcing from low-cost countries such as China, is opening up an opportunity for the supply chain organization to gain a new C-level champion: the chief financial officer, says Enslow, . Vice President of Enterprise Research, Aberdeen Group
As part of its fact-based research program, Aberdeen benchmarked more than 17,000 companies in 2005. Enslow has more than 15 years experience in supply chain management and specializes in global trade, trade finance, inventory management, and transportation management research.

In Beth Enslow’s keynote address called, “Turning Your CEO into a Supply Chain Cheerleader”, Ms. Enslow will share benchmark data from over 400 companies and discuss top strategies for how to win the hearts and minds of the finance organization while driving supply chain improvements.

These improvements are becoming necessary as regulatory pressures, dynamic growth in local demand and increased global selling and sourcing activities shift to become the new reality.

To view the complete program for the SCL conference and to register please visit our website at www.sclcanada.org or phone 905-513-7300.

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