FDA-regulated -products continuous monitoring system for larger warehouses now available

by Canadian Shipper

Medical product distributors seeking continuous monitoring systems specifically geared for larger enterprises can deploy viewLinc 3.5, recently launched by Veriteq, a Vaisala company. 


Veriteq’s viewLinc 3.5 is fully validatable for FDA regulated, GxP compliant environments, and all applications where product quality or patient safety is a concern.  The viewLinc system provides continuous records, 24/7 alarming, and automated reporting. More powerful than ever, viewLinc is easily deployed for monitoring temperature, relative humidity, CO2, differential pressure, level, door switches, and more.


viewLinc 3.5 enhancements include:


    * Faster Updates for 1000+ Sensors

      Fully scalable for large installations, viewLinc 3.5 provides enhanced performance for applications with multiple and widely distributed locations. Now with faster updates to display data and events over previous versions.


    * Advanced Alarm Scheduling

      viewLinc can now assign alarm and notification delivery to specific staff or service providers. This feature eliminates the messages being sent to personnel or vendors that are not on call for handling alarms, significantly reducing the costs of over-time or after-hours services.


    * Zone Security for Customized Access & Viewing

      Users can customize their interface to show only the areas they are responsible for. This feature eliminates the clutter of extra data and prevents users from making inadvertent changes to the alarm limits of other zones.

    * Easy Installation on Existing Networks

      viewLinc 3.5 provides flexible installation options and deploys easily to your existing Ethernet-wired, Power over Ethernet, and WiFi networks. Because viewLinc runs on your own host server, only one server needs to be validated.



    * Web-based Access for Multiple Facilities — Worldwide

      All functions are accessible via all popular Internet browsers. viewLinc’s security features allow IT/viewLinc administrators to easily add more users via their normal permission-based network access.



      The latest version of viewLinc still ensures gap-free data recording with triple redundancy— point-of-measurement, host server, and automatic data transfers.  Highly secure and audit-trail capable, viewLinc is designed to meet compliance requirements for 21 CFR Part 11, CBER, The Joint Commission, AATB, AABB, and other life science and technology regulatory and accreditation bodies.


      Veriteq’s viewLinc system is available from its worldwide network of direct sales and independent distributors.


      For product inquiries, please call 800-683-8374 (North America), 604-273-6850 (International) or email veriteqsupport@vaisala.com.

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