Integrated Barcoding Systems Introduces QuikTrac 4.5

by Canadian Shipper

Data collection technology and services provider, Integrated Barcoding Systems, has relased QuikTrac 4.5. The new screen integration tool allows users to extend their ERP/MRP system out to the warehouse or shop floor without any modifications to their existing host code or interfacing into their system’s database.

QuikTrac 4.5 allows users to take their existing AS/400, Mainframe, HP 3000 or HP 9000 transactions and map them down to a wireless fixed or portable data collection device. This functionality enables users to interact with their ERP/MRP software from a remote location in real-time, without costly and long-term modifications to the host.

“End users can now have their data collection system up and running in four days or less. Previously, the demand for real-time information required users to know a programming language in order to develop their system and connect it to a database. Today, all a user needs to know is how to use a mouse and they can develop or make changes to an existing screen in minutes,” says Andy Jacobs, president of Integrated Barcoding Systems.

QuikTrac 4.5 is comprised of five modules. A Development module enables users to map screens from host applications to remote portable data collection devices. By using the development module, users can design and test live while creating their own custom screens. The Run-Time Module is the “traffic cop” of the system. Its primary function is to manage the flow of accurate, updated data to and from the host system and remote data collection devices.

The Off-Line Data Collection Module allows users to collect and validate data even if the host system is down. With the OLDC module, users at remote locations can collect and update data to a local database. When the host becomes available, the data is sent back to the host automatically in the order the user specifies. With the Print Module, users can design labels at the host level and import files to a specified transaction screen for remote label printing capabilities. Using any standard printer and label design package, QuikTrac brings label printing to the shop floor and warehouse with no custom programming.

Meanwhile, the Active Dynamic Interface Module gives users the ability to add custom routines to their screen integration. ADI is a pre-defined COM interface that allows end users to develop custom modules in VB, C++ or any COM enabled language.

“The implementation of the QuikTrac system is so easy because the user’s ERP system does all of the work. QuikTrac just provides a real-time interactive tool to allow them to extend the ERP solution out to their shop floor. Because this is fast and simple to implement, the total cost of the solution is a lot less than those solutions requiring special programming,” says Jacobs.

QuikTrac has successful installations into MAPICS, BPCS, JD Edwards, PRMS, JobScope, JBA, AS/400 legacy systems, Mainframe and HP 3000 systems.

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