Intuit Canada launches developer network

by Canadian Shipper

For the first time in its history, Intuit Canada is opening its QuickBooks programming code to outside software developers.

For small business it means a growing list of business-specific applications will now work seamlessly with QuickBooks small business accounting software. Thirty-five developers are already on side creating QuickBooks-ready applications.

Intuit launched a Software Developer Network in the United States last year. Canadian members automatically become part of the American Network, and instantly have the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of new customers.

The release of Intuit Canada’s Software Developer Kit (SDK) means developers can design software applications and tools that integrate with QuickBooks. Their products can now share data with QuickBooks Pro 2003, QuickBooks Premier 2003 and the QuickBooks Premier 2003: Accountant Edition, as well as US versions of QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online Edition.

“Software developers all over the world are developing integrated applications, specific to particular businesses,” she explains. “Many of those businesses are already using QuickBooks for accounting, and other software for specialized tasks. By integrating custom applications with QuickBooks, small business owners can save time and increase profits by choosing tools that handle tasks specific to their business, and having data flow between those applications and QuickBooks,” says Donna Scott who manages the Developer Network for Intuit Canada.

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