January deadlines loom closer for logistics, transportation industry (December 23, 2004)

by Canadian Shipper

The month of January 2005 will mark the deadline date for many new transportation and logistics regulations. Canadian Transportation & Logistics has been covering these initiatives during the year, summarized as follows:

January 1, 2005- Retailer Wal-Mart formally announced in late June, 2004 that it expects its top 100 suppliers to be RFID-compliant at the pallet level by this date. This announcement was widely viewed as a major catalyst for the adoption, or at least deeper understanding of, this technology.

January 1, 2005- Sunrise Initiative- The Uniform Code Council has marked this as the date that all US and Canadian companies who presently scan the UPC or Universal Product Code barcode symbols must also be able to scan and process, at point of sale, data for EAN symbols, currently used elsewhere in the world.

January 1, 2005- Canada is to adopt North American cargo security rules that govern the way loads must be fastened to trailers. Ultimately, the standards are designed to ensure that cargo remains in place up to and short of a crash.

January 14, 2004-Border security will also dominate the trucking industry agenda on the regulatory front. On November 15, 2004, U.S. Customs implemented the first phase of its electronic prenotification rules for truck carriers. On this date, truck carriers commenced advance electronic transmission to Customs and Border Protection of the required cargo information for inbound cargo at forty ports of entry into the U.S. A second implementation at 43 more ports began December 15, 2004. Effective January 14, 2005, in the third phase of implementation, a further 16 ports are implicated. (see www.cbp.gov.)

(The Canadian Border Services Agency is expected to follow suit with new requirements for Canadian imports, and the carriers hauling them, in 2005.)

January 31, 2005- The US Transportation Security Administration, TSA, will require all drivers with US State and District of Columbia-issued commercial drivers’ licences to undergo background checks when applying for or renewing their hazardous materials endorsement.

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