Licensing changes in the works for Alberta truckers (May 22, 2001)

by Canadian Shipper

Sweeping changes to the Alberta Traffic Safety Act could include a number of movements that will affect truckers.

And results from the Graduated Licensing and General Licensing discussion paper show that most of them have solid support.

One of the proposals being tabled is eliminating a number of licence classes the province feels are redundant. The end result would be eliminating the Class 3 licence plate from trucks and trailers, and merged with existing classes. There would be no fee and the merging of classes would take place at registration time.

Another idea being considered is a non-compulsory apprenticeship program for young drivers. The government hopes that industry carriers would favor drivers who complete the voluntary program, as they will receive additional training above and beyond what is required.

The report also indicates that 70 per cent of respondents agree with a move to slap commercial drivers with demerit points for non-moving offences. This means that drivers could lose demerit points for such things as load securement and log book violations.

The new Traffic Safety Act will be tabled later this year, after officials have time to digest the feedback they’ve received so far.

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