Liquor heisted from truck

by The Canadian Press

REGINA, Saskatchewan—Regina police are investigating after nearly half a million dollars worth of alcohol was stolen from a truck in the city.

The truck, which contained about 1,500 cases of hard liquor, was stolen from a trucking facility in Regina. Each case typically contains nine 750-millilitre bottles.

The theft happened on November 30, and the truck was found empty and abandoned in east Regina.

Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority spokesman David Morris says the alcohol was being shipped from an Ontario distillery to the authority’s warehouse in Regina.

The trucking contractor declined to comment.

Morris said the company will be responsible for incurring any losses from the theft, since the incident happened on its property.

“It was part of our day-to-day order, it wasn’t anything special or different,” Morris said.

“There was whisky, rum, vodka—just a regular shipment of spirits that would go out to our stores.”

Morris says the stolen products have been reordered, and a new shipment is coming.

“Any sort of impact would certainly be minimal,” he said. “I don’t think customers will notice any difference at all.”