Logistics council to target inland transportation network

by Canadian Shipper

Hong Kong’s Logistics Development Council (LDC) is actively promoting Hong Kong as the major logistics hub and link to China from the rest of the world. As such, the LDC will make the inland transportation network one of its priorities, focusing also on the need to develop an integrated plan for the logistics system.

The LDC held its first meeting on December 17 on policy outlines for the work of its five project groups.

The P-logistics Project Group, chaired by OOCL’s CC Tung, will see the evelopment of the inland transportation network and physical logistics planning as its first priority. The E-logistics Group, convened by John Hammond of Standard Chartered Bank, will work on an implementation plan for the creation of a Business Process Interconnect Project, which is meant to reduce inefficiencies arising from the “digital gap” among service providers, reports Schednet.com

The H-logistics, or human resources group, meanwhile, will develop an integrated manpower development plan for H-logistics, focusing on qualification development and knowledge building.

The M-logistics Project Group, under the leadership of Swire Pacific’s James Hughes-Hallett, will focus on both inward and outward promotional activities.

Finally, the S-logistics Project Group will give support to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to help them embrace the concept of logistics business, assisting SMEs in participating in the global supply chain and the virtual logistics market.

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