Logistics Management Information develops secure on-line rater

by Canadian Shipper

Logistics Management Information has recently developed a secure on-line rater which allows customers to enter the basic specifics of their shipment; ship date, origin, destination and unit of measure (i.e., weight, cube, mile, linear foot, etc.) as well as optional information such as type of service required (heat, courier, truckload, etc.) and shipper and/or consignee.

The rater then provides a listing of all of the negotiated carrier rates and accessorial service charges for the specified lane in least to most cost order and will also highlight preferred carriers, including transit times.

This allows a client who wants the benefits of using an outsourced company (accuracy, technology, information, cost-savings) the security of keeping all decisions, both logistic and financial, in-house, says Chris Gilbert, Business Development Manager, LMI.

Additionally, LMI maintains client rates in the database ensuring that their contracted rates and accessorial surcharges are entered into the rater accurately providing instant and correct results all of the time, says the company.

These benefits can work across several departments, helping the shipping department choose the most cost/service effective carrier, the customer service department provide accurate service information, the accounting Group correctly invoice freight costs, the finance group forecast and/or accrue costs more accurately, and the logistics group ensure adherence to preferred carriers and monitor non-conformance.

LMI provides the on-line rater for a low monthly fee with no capital investment required. Internet access is the only requirement with no software installation necessary.

“This compromise is truly the next big step in third party-client relations, providing the technology and information to the client and allowing them to make their own informed decisions,” says Gilbert.

A demonstration of the rater and examples of cost savings can be viewed at www.lmiedi.com/rater.

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