Maddocks celebrating a milestone for technology providers: its 20th year in business

by Canadian Shipper

The lifecycle of companies in the transportation technology industry can often be measured by the number of months the company stays afloat.

So when Langley, B.C.’s Maddocks Systems Inc., a leading provider of enterprise wide trucking software, celebrated its 20th year in business recently it joined a rather elite club in the technology industry.

Trucking companies that purchase enterprise wide trucking software such as Maddocks’ TruckMate for Windows (TM4Win), are asked to make a large capital investment that will influence their future success. It’s a decision made even more difficult by the reality that technology providers can have a high failure rate.

Since its beginnings in 1981, Maddocks Systems has worked exclusively in the transportation industry. The company’s flagship product TruckMate for Windows, is an enterprise-wide client server product that allows users to use AS400, RS6000 and Windows NT platforms. With over 400 installed systems, Maddocks lays claim to being the leading trucking software provider in North America.

"I think the stability of our company has been the key to our sustained growth through the years," explains Bob Maddocks, CEO, "The relationship we form with clients could be described as a partnership. A commitment is made, with the goal being that both parties grow stronger."

Examples of this continued commitment have been apparent since the company’s beginning, Maddocks points out. Alice Swinney of Shadow Lines, who became the first Maddocks client twenty years ago, has witnessed this first hand.

"I think the excellent customer support provided is what has made Maddocks successful. That’s number one to me and that’s what counts to trucking companies that depend on trucking software," explains Swinney. "Our company wouldn’t have been able to grow to where it is today without our relationship with Maddocks."

Shadow is currently ranked number 71 on a list of the top Canadian for-hire fleets.

Maddocks has also built on its success in the Canadian market to grow into the U.S. truckingn software market.

One successful US based company that has chosen TM4Win is Quad Graphics based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin. Quad runs a fleet size of over 450 trucks in a Truck Load and LTL environment.

"We decided on Maddocks because it was the only product that had the flexibility and user-friendly environment to fit the way we do business," explains Jay Duncan of Quad Graphics. "You have the ability to customize screen layouts and grids so the information important to your company is always available."

Quad Graphics often handles over 40 million tons of goods each week and needed a solution that kept them on top of every aspect of their business.

"Having the accounting end of TM4Win fully integrated with our trucking operations was also a real plus; in trucking it just makes sense to have this type of information in one system" added Duncan.

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