Maersk Inc. Group gets ISO certification

by Canadian Shipper

Maersk Inc. Group, including Maersk Canada and Maersk Logistics Canada, is now ISO 9001:2000 certified.

The certification was the culmination of a seven-month project involving 59 offices and ten countries in North and Central America.

The Maersk Group of Companies in this certification are: Maersk Inc., Maersk Logistics Inc. USA, Maersk Canada Inc., Maersk Logistics Canada Inc., Safmarine Inc., Bridge Terminal Transport Inc., Pacific Rim Tranport Inc., Maersk Panama, SA, Maersk Dominica, S.A., Maersk Mexico SA de CV, Maersk Logistics Mexico SA de CV, Maersk Honduras SA, Maersk Logistics Honduras SA, Maersk Costa Rica SA, Maersk El Salvador SA de CV, Maersk Guatemala SA and Maersk Trinidad Ltd.

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