Ministers tout new border philosophy

by Canadian Shipper

During presentations made to a Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters conference, two federal ministers have promised an improved flow of commercial traffic across the Can-Am border.

The group of Canadian business leaders says it is anxiously awaiting a return to normal business traffic across the Canada-U.S. border. And according to Pierre Pettigrew, the federal Trade Minister, and Martin Cauchon, Canada’s Revenue Minister, it won’t need to wait much longer. The two high-level Grits assured delegates they were committed to improving the flow of traffic between the two countries while dealing with heightened security concerns.

“I recognize the short- and long-term impact of traffic delays at the border,” says Pettigrew. “I am resolved to ensure that not only trade facilitation remains a key objective of our government, but also that the current and understandable focus on security does not obscure the economic reality that both our countries depend upon the free flow of goods and people for their economic prosperity.”

At same time, Cauchon adds new measures in a proposed bill that has passed second reading in Parliament would create a so-called “smart border,” serving the needs of cross-border business while maintaining security.

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