More than half of all foreign vessels inspected found deficient

by Canadian Shipper

Transport Canada has released the final report on foreign ships detained in 2000 at Canadian ports under the Government of Canada’s port state control ship inspection program.

In 2000, of the 1,070 foreign vessels inspected at Canadian ports, 583 were found to have defects and 103, with an average age of 16.3 years, were detained. In 1999, of 1,076 inspections, 125 ships were detained. The vessels detained in 1999 averaged 16.6 years of age.

Transport Canada began publishing the names of offending vessels in May 1996, when it released its first quarterly report on foreign vessels detained under the port state control ship inspection program.

“Substandard ships are a threat to the safety of all seafarers, our environment and our economy. It is essential that the international shipping community, including Canada, continue to work toward improving safety and developing internationally recognized standards,” said Collenette. All foreign tankers are inspected on their first visit to Canada and once a year thereafter. Ships detained must rectify their deficiencies before being allowed to leave Canadian ports.

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