New Processing Fees for United Cargo

by Canadian Shipper

Effective October 15, 2001, United Cargo is adding freight-processing fees to bulk or shipper loaded containers.

The fees will be based on actual weight of a shipment or net weight of a container, and are non-commissionable and non-taxable according to the following schedule:

-USD 0.03 per pound for Intra US (USD 3.00 minimum fee)
-UDS 0.03 per pound U.S. – Canada shipments (equivalent of USD 3.00 minimum fee)
-USD 0.10 per kilogram for international shipments (USD 10.00 minimum fee)
-EURO 0.10 kilogram for international originating shipments (equivalent of EURO 10 minimum fee)
-Domestic – USD 15.00 per container
-International – USD 25.00 per container

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