New SAP optimum shipment creation module unveiled by CRM/GPC

by Canadian Shipper

New Jersey-based Computerized Rate Maintenance/GPC is laying claim to a "major breakthrough" in creating cost-efficient shipments for product-based SAP users.

The CRM/GPC Shipment Creation Program can be run inside the SAP SD Module as often as required by user application.

Significant savings are derived from creating and tendering groups of "ideally composed" shipments to a company’s core carriers, the company claims in a release. The program quickly analyses each group of user-selected deliveries and generates a proposed scenario of direct LTL/packages/TL, Stop-off/TL or Pool Truck shipments, which the user can confirm, change or hold. Deliveries of previously proposed but not confirmed shipments can be recycled on subsequent program runs to effect additional "consolidated" savings.

The combining of deliveries into potential shipments is determined by such parameters as the same shipping points; ship-to-address, Inco terms, and certain weight and directional criteria (e.g. destination zones are user defined by shipping point.)

"Each time the program is run," says Lester Probst, President CRM/GPC, "it looks at all deliveries that can be shipped and creates ‘proposed’ SAP-standard shipments. The entire shipment scenario is viewed by the user on a common Shipment Processing screen. "The User," Probst added, "can then re-arrange deliveries, and/or confirm some or all of the shipments in small batches or one-on-one, which releases the User required shipping papers such as Bill of Lading and Pick/Pack document(s)"

User developed procedures affect final shipment configuration and update the Shipment Status to "Processed." When the shipment confirmation process is completed, the resulting shipment mix can then be presented to the CRM/GPC Service Agent Selection Module for further cost savings, which are realized (in batch or real time) by selecting the Service Agent with the "best available rate and transmit time."

Shipment Creation installed with centralized customization and training is priced at $100,000. For more information about Shipment Creation and other contact Lester A. Probst at (732) 680-4040 ext100 or e-mail Lester

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