Oracle delivers PeopleSoftR Enterprise Performance Management 8.9

by Canadian Shipper

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif.-Oracle has delivered a new release of PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management, an integrated suite of analytic applications that "enables organizations to drive world-class performance by
aligning the right information and resources to strategic objectives," says the company.

With this new release, PeopleSoft Enterprise Management delivers real-time interactive profitability and planning tools, supports next-generation global compliance and offers rich packaged analytic content to speed application deployment.

“Today, most firms deploying Performance Management software focus on a single application or business process. Once that’s been done, they will need to find ways of using their improved process and systems to raise business performance. This can be achieved only by aligning a fuller set of management processes,” said Lee Geishecker, research vice president with Gartner. “Only large vendors will be able to offer the breadth of software functionality to support multiple management processes.”

With PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management 8.9, pre-packaged content such as analytical maps, models and metrics has been significantly expanded across every functional business area, including Customer Relationship Management, Financial Management, Human Capital Management and Supply Chain Management.

In Enterprise Performance Management 8.9, data from PeopleSoft Enterprise, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards World is now sourced, mapped and rationalized into a single warehouse environment, enabling JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards World customers to use all modules of the Enterprise Performance Management suite.

Additionally, PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management 8.9 has been architected so that warehouses and data marts can be licensed separately and deployed modularly. For example, a company can deploy the real estate data mart without licensing the entire financials warehouse, says the company.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management 8.9 also provides over 200 predefined key performance indicators through standards-based web services, giving users of other applications access to the analytical content generated by PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management. For example, users can monitor and track key performance indicators from Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Additionally, users can define custom key performance indicators, and using web services, enable them to interoperate with other applications. Theweb-services approach is part of Oracle’s adoption of a service-oriented
architecture and evolution towards Project Fusion – the convergence of Oracle, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards applications into a single product.

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