PBB begins countdown for China: Trade Mission 2002

by Canadian Shipper

PBB Global Logistics is gearing up for its third privately-led delegation China: Trade Mission 2002.

The mission provides executives, new business managers and export development professionals seeking to access the Chinese market for the first time or expand their existing trade networks with an alternative to official government trade missions. It’s particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises exploring the Chinese market for the first time.

Running from November 1st to November16th, PBB’s privately-led trade mission will visit several key Chinese commercial and industrial centers including Beijing, Dalian, Nanjing, Wuhan and Shanghai. Participants will meet one-on-one with high-level Chinese government and business officials to develop new business agreements and ventures.

"Our mission will allow participants the opportunity to leverage PBB’s extensive network of established Chinese contacts to match their business needs," says Mike Scott, President & CEO, PBB Global Logistics. "Participants will have the unique opportunity to meet strategically selected buyers, suppliers, distributors and manufacturers."

Expert translators will accompany the delegation throughout the mission, ensuring effective communication with potential business partners. PBB’s China: Trade Mission 2002 is also an cost-effective way of travelling to China on business, the 3PL says adding that with travel, luxury accommodations and entertainment organized by PBB’s Corporate Travel experts, participants can benefit from significant cost savings and efficiencies.

With China’s rapidly expanding market and entry into the World Trade Organization, this is an opportune time for North American companies to look at sourcing from China. New business opportunities are developing at an incredible pace. "PBB has been doing business in China for more than a decade," says Mr. Scott. "We’ve learned that to succeed there, you need the assistance of experienced professionals with a proven track record in that country. That’s why PBB’s China: Trade Mission 2002 is the key to the Chinese market."

China: Trade Mission 2002 is PBB’s third business delegation to China and is supported by Canadian Importers & Exporters Association, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, Team Canada Inc. and Ontario Exports Inc. In the past, participating companies have made valuable business contacts and many participants continue to reap the benefits from previous missions.

"From the political scene to the business world, it is impossible to find either the quality or the volume of contacts I did in just two short weeks," says 2001 mission participant Rod McMillan, International Sales Manager, Darcor Ltd., a Toronto-based manufacturer of casters and other related components.

PBB Global Logistics a provider of third party international logistics services, facilitating the movement of goods across North America and around the world. Founded in 1946, PBB has expanded its core Custom Brokerage operations and now provides supply chain solutions from the point of origin of goods to their point of consumption. It has approximately 1,000 employees in over 70 strategic locations across Canada and the United States and an established global network of logistics service providers.

For more information, or to register for PBB’s China: Trade Mission 2002, visit www.pbb.com/china.

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