PBB completes purchase of Clarke Logistics

by Canadian Shipper

PBB Global Logistics’ yesterday completed its acquisition of Clarke Logistics, a division of Clarke Inc.

“This is a very large and important acquisition for PBB,” says Mike Scott, President and CEO, PBB Global Logistics. “It expands our service offering,enlarges our network of locations and enhances our logistics resources,particularly by adding intermodal service to our North American Transportation capabilities.”

PBB says the acquisition is designed to take advantage of an emerging trend among users of 3PL services demanding an intermodal transportation mix that combines expeditious truck transportation with cost-efficient rail transportation.

Clarke Logistics manages the movement of goods through rail, truck and
intermodal transport between Canada, the United States and Mexico, as well as domestically in the United States.

It is one of the largest transportation management provider in the North American transborder intermodal rail market, handling freight for over 2,200 customers through a supplier network of 650 trucking carriers and all major railroads across the continent.

The breadth of these rail and trucking carrier relationships, combined with volume-buying power, are key to obtaining cost-effective rates for
customers, while ensuring top-notch delivery performance, according to PBB.

By comparison, many shippers who are used to dealing directly with only a handful of carriers report facing recent availability and cost challenges as their traditional suppliers are forced to cope with rising diesel costs, higher insurance premiums, driver shortages fueled by new Hours of Service regulations and traffic-related delays at key border points.

In addition to introducing key rail and intermodal capabilities to PBB’s service offering, the acquisition triples its North American Transportation volumes.

PBB’s North American Transportation service currently delivers highly door-to-door FTL and LTL transport throughout the continent, while ensuring cost effectiveness, shipment visibility and customer service. Through this service, PBB provides transportation management for customers in almost all sectors of the economy, includingthose with stringent temperature-controlled requirements such as food andbeverage.

Clarke Logistics also enhances PBB’s capacity and flexibility in providing complete supply chain solutions on behalf of its customers, typically involving integrated logistics services such as Customs Brokerage,International Freight Forwarding, Warehousing & Distribution and Trade Regulatory Services.

“With Clarke Logistics, we are extending PBB’s leadership in cross-border logistics,” said Scott. “From trade planning to transportation, from customs clearance to warehousing, PBB has the expertise and capacity to plan and execute integrated cross-border supply chain solutions customized to our clients’ needs.”

Clarke Logistics’ 130 employees brings PBB’s total workforce to 1,100 and adds 14 locations to its North American network. This includes major operations in Philadelphia and Memphis, key U.S. logistics hubs, as well as a presence in Mexico with two locations. With these additions, PBB’s network of offices grows to 85 locations in North America and China.

Doug Payne, President, Clarke Logistics, will assume a senior management position with PBB. He said the acquisition introduces important synergies to Clarke Logistics’ operations. He added that PBB’s customs brokerage and distribution expertise represent an opportunity for Clarke Logistics customers to generate efficiencies through an integrated northbound and southbound supply chain. PBB also offers significant global logistics capabilities to Clarke Logistics’customers, particularly in the burgeoning China-North America trade lane.

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