PeopleNet integrates system with Palm OS handhelds

by Canadian Shipper

Mobile communications and fleet management solutions provider PeopleNet Communications has expanded its Intouch Fleet Management system to be compatible with products that operate on the Palm OS platform.

This development provides access to the Intouch system through a variety of handheld devices, allowing fleet managers and drivers increased mobility and job efficiency.

"Integrating our current fleet management solution to the Palm OS allows PeopleNet customers more options," says PeopleNet CEO John Sarto. "Now fleet owners can incorporate the convenience of a handheld with the functionality and reliability of the Intouch system."

The Intouch Fleet Management system connects a fleet’s entire supply chain with mobile location, messaging and voice communications. PeopleNet offers the following handheld options; Palm IIIxe, TRG PRO, Symbol 1500 and Symbol 1700.

The handheld takes the place of the message display unit, an existing component of the Intouch system. When fleets choose the handheld option, they can access Intouch G2X features such as two-way form and freeform e-mail, personal and corporate address books and free driver e-mail, as well as handheld applications such as calendars, calculators, and other Palm OS applications.

By integrating the Intouch fleet management system with the Palm OS platform, PeopleNet makes future applications such as bar coding, signature capture, document exchange and electronic driver logs possible. What’s more, the open platform allows PeopleNet’s customers to develop their own Palm applications in the future.

"PeopleNet’s integration with the Palm OS has allowed us to introduce a new mobile option as well as open the door for future developments," says Dave Ladner, PeopleNet vice president of corporate business development.

The value of the Palm OS is derived from the more than 150,000 registered developers who have created more than 8,700 software programs and hundreds of hardware options — including wireless modems, MP3 players, digital cameras, voice recorders, data capture devices, and much more. Approximately 400 to 500 new Palm OS software applications become available every month, ranging from spreadsheets that can read and write Microsoft Excel files, and document processors that can handle Microsoft Word files, to databases, enterprise applications, eBook readers, mapping programs, email programs, web and WAP browsers, dictionaries, financial management programs, health and fitness programs, and games.

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