PeopleNet releases eight new features for private fleets

by Canadian Shipper

PeopleNet, a provider of onboard computing and mobile communications systems to North American transportation operations, has announced it is releasing eight new system features to private and for-hire fleets through the company’s proprietary OTAP over-the-air-programming capability and Web-based Interface.

"The new applications are proof of our continuous focus on innovation and commitment to providing new applications that make a positive impact on fleet operations. On an ongoing basis, PeopleNet solicits input from customers through a Product Advisory Council, and every one of these products is a direct result of that feedback," said Ron Konezny, Chief Operating Officer for PeopleNet.

The wireless upgrades will occur throughout May and provide fleets with several new features, including three significant applications: PTO, Idle and Off-Road Event Reporting; Activity Standards and eDriver Logs smart mode.

PeopleNet will automatically capture the location and the amount of fuel consumed during PTO, Idle and Off-Road events for fuel cost recovery allowed in specific states and by the federal government. Available as a stand-alone service or as an enhancement to the PeopleNet Online Fuel Tax service, this new solution is part of a growing suite of efficiency enhancing business tools offered by PeopleNet. Fuel costs and tax savings can be reported by vehicle or groups of vehicles on a daily, monthly, quarterly or annual basis through detailed reports based on time, mileage and location data.

Activity Standards

Activity Standards is a reporting tool that uses learned data to track and measure the efficiency of recurring and/or dedicated routes and activities. Using this tool, fleet managers can quickly become aware of exceptions to normal or standard processes and proactively manage operations for greatest efficiency. Activities that are compared to learned standards include travel times, stop times, average miles per hour, planned vs. unplanned stops and total trip times. This information is displayed in the form of comparative reports that highlight the exceptions across events.

eDriver Logs smart mode

Compliant with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s regulation 395.15 and in Canada below the 60th parallel, eDriver Logs from PeopleNet has been widely accepted by fleets and today is in use by hundreds of drivers throughout the United States and in Canada. The program provides a paperless process for managing the driver hours of service process.

In addition to today’s standard mode, eDriver Logs is now available in ‘smart mode,’ which automates the recording of a driver’s duty statuses based on vehicle movement. Using vehicle ECM data, the smart mode option detects vehicle stops and starts to automatically switch drivers between onduty and driving statuses.
Other features that are being delivered in PeopleNet’s May software upgrade all at no additional charge to customers include:

In-cab mute option that allows drivers to disable audible message alerts.
In-cab driver scorecard that allows drivers to view real-time engine performance information in either U.S. or metric units of measure.
Enhanced number, date and time fields to streamline the creation of driver forms.
State line crossing reporting, which provides documentation by vehicle or groups of the number of miles a vehicle travels within a state. This data is used for fuel tax reporting.
PerformX in metric units, which provides Canadian customers the ability to view
PeopleNet’s advanced engine diagnostics offering in metric units of measure.

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