Port of Le Havre issues guidelines for Port 2000 operators

by Canadian Shipper

The Port of Le Havre Authority has issued bidding information for potential terminal operators of the first six berths of Port 2000, a new container facility under construction at the south end of the port.

At its October meeting, the Board of Directors of the Port of Le Havre listed provisions for operation at the new port area.

“In Port 2000, Le Havre will provide the optimum conditions for the largest container vessels. We are seeking partners to assist us in development of new categories of traffic and in greater volumes. One of the requirements for a successful bidder will be guarantee of traffic volume,” said Jean-Marc Lacave, Executive Director.

The Port 2000 complex will support 12 quayside berths upon completion, offering a total length of over 2 miles for the docking of ships with capacities as large as 8,000 TEUs. The berths will have a depth of nearly 48 feet, with an average operating width of over 1,640 feet, and more than 86 acres of ground space. Some terminals may span two berths, affording a quayside of nearly 2,300 feet.

The Port of Le Havre will be responsible for dredging of the quayside and installation of gantry crane traveling rails. Back-up areas will be made ready for development by individual operators.

In exchange for use of the Port 2000 berths, future operators will be charged with the following responsibilities: the loading and unloading of container vessels, themanagement and operation of the container yard, including its road, rail and river interfaces, either per terminal, or in an overall context, equipment installations, including quayside gantries, yard equipment, an EDP system for the management of the yard and for liaison with other members of the port community, and the surfacing of the container yards, compliance with French laws and regulations as they apply to equipment and building installations, especially in reference to environmental codes, the marketing and promotion of the terminal to shipping lines and shippers, and handling negotiations with interested shipping companies and shippers.

Companies interested in operating one or more of the first six berths, due for completion beginning in mid-2004, must begin negotiations with the port by February 2002.

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