Prospectus and Viasafe partner to deliver secure and automated trade documentation

by Canadian Shipper

Prospectus Group Inc. has entered into an agreement with ViaSafe Inc. of Ottawa, to develop secure and automated trade documentation for SourceCan.

Prospectus and ViaSafe will collaborate to deploy myViaSafe capabilities in SourceCan. SourceCan is the Canadian e-marketplace developed by Prospectus’ wholly owned subsidiary, HyperNet, in partnership with Industry Canada and the Canadian Commercial Corporation. This will give SourceCan users the ability to complete and transmit all of their trade documentation on-line, in a secure environment.

The partners will also extend this capability to e-marketplaces abroad. Prospectus is licensing its nTelligence technology to a number of international partners with the goal of creating an aggregated international business and trading network where companies from any country or sector can easily transact business with each other.

“The complexity of international trade documentation remains the single largest impediment to conducting international business,” said Wael Aggan, President and CEO of ViaSafe. The World Trade Organization (WTO) has estimated that the inefficiencies in trade documentation for international markets is US $400 billion annually.

ViaSafe Inc. offers secure connectivity software and services designed specifically to address the vast inefficiencies in the international trade document cycle. The myViaSafe(tm) service facilitates secure transactions over the Internet enabling collaboration among importers, exporters, carriers, customs brokers and government departments.. ViaSafe currently facilitates over 35% of all import transactions into Canada. (

Prospectus middleware is designed to accept, validate, manipulate, and organize large custom stores of mission critical business information coupled with a delivery component that distributes “real-time” information to any web, wireless, or voice device.(

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