Raymond Corp. unveils latest pallet truck

by Canadian Shipper

The Raymond Corporation is introducing their new 102XM walkie pallet truck, which is designed to maneuver in tight spaces such as crowded loading docks, congested warehouse aisles and inside trailers.

The 102XM’s design enables it to perform 180 degree "pinwheel" turns needed for right angle stacking and loading/unloading trucks in warehousing and local delivery operations.

The new ergonomic handle is said to provide smooth, comfortable control as the operator walks. Whether traveling tractor-first or forks-first, the truck’s direction and speed are controlled with thumb wheels. This allows one-handed operation for forward, reverse, lift, lower or horn.

Displays on the handle include the battery discharge indicator, hour meter and maintenance code display. The handle also includes a keypad for programming the truck’s performance to fit up to 10 different operator skill levels or applications set slower speeds for new operators and high-performance speeds for experienced operators.

With a 4,500-lb. capacity, the 102XM has an empty travel speed of 3.8 mph, loaded travel speed of 3.4 mph and loaded lift/lower time of 3.9 seconds. The standard package allows the truck to operate in temperatures above 32 F (0 C). An optional cold storage conditioning package enables the 102XM to operate in temperatures as low as -13 F (-25 C). Two battery compartment sizes, 7.8 and 9.0 inches, are available.

The 102XM’s construction includes a wraparound steel bumper to protect the drive unit and drive tire. Its control system enables the 102XM to climb over floor obstructions and tailgates without lurching or stalling. An electric brake provides built-in anti-roll protection. All main service points are accessed by removing the cover, which prevents the need for hoisting or jacking.

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