Royal assent for four transportation acts

by Canadian Shipper

Just prior to the new year 2002, the Transport Minister, David Collenette, announced that four transportation-related acts received royal assent in the House of Commons.

Bill C-44, which amends the Aeronautics Act, will enhance the ability of Canadian air carriers to work with their international partners, in particular the United States, to take steps towards further deterring and detecting terrorists. The Bill allows air carriers to provide basic passenger and crew data to foreign governments, in accordance with the Aeronautics Act and regulations.

Bill C-38 amends the Air Canada Public Participation Act to eliminate the 15 per cent limit on ownership, by any person, of voting shares in Air Canada and the prohibition on the association between shareholders. The changes will provide Air Canada a key tool to help it regain its financial health.

Bill C-34, the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada Act, creates a transportation appeal tribunal that will replace and expand on the existing Civil Aviation Tribunal by extending its jurisdiction to cover rail and marine.

Bill S-33, an Act to amend the Carriage by Air Act, removes the limits on carrier liability for the injury or death of a passenger and describes the limits related to the damage, loss or delay of baggage or cargo during international air transportation.

“The impact of the September 11 terrorist attacks continues to be felt in Canada and around the world. In spite of the tragic developments, we have carried on with important transportation-related business and have made progress in many areas,” said Collenette.

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