Savi announces new SC asset management software

by Canadian Shipper

Savi Technology, a provider of real-time supply chain asset management and collaboration software, has announced the availability of Savi Asset Management, an enterprise-level application that maximizes utilization of reusable conveyances and logistics support equipment.

Savi Asset Management is designed to address the challenges of managing and securing supply chain assets – including conveyances such as pallets, totes, unit loading devices, rail cars, trailers, and intermodal containers, as well as the support equipment used in packing, loading, and moving cargo.

“In recent times, asset management and in particular the supply chain visibility of assets, especially dealing with the security of regulated assets, have become topics of revitalized interest,” said Michael Bittner, an AMR Research analyst. “Savi has fully recognized this need with its full range of hardware, software, infrastructure and consulting services. Coupled with tracking systems such as RFID technology, Savi has accomplished real-time locating and management of assets.”

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