SCL announces educational partnership with The Laurier Institute

by Canadian Shipper

The Canadian Association of Supply Chain & Logistics Management (SCL) has announced a new educational partnership with The Laurier Institute.

SCL will join forces with The Laurier Institute of the Wilfrid Laurier University,School of Business and Economics,to deliver SCL’s Executive Development Program.This program brings together practitioners and experts in the area of logistics management,to educate supply chain and logistics professionals, through the use of case studies and lectures.

This program,first presented in 1990,and updated as changes have occurred,has educated many participants from such companies as:CP Rail,Siemens Automotive,IBM,Canada Post,Tibbett &Britten and Spar Aerospace.

"The program has always been highly rated by participants,for both content and delivery," SCL President David Long stated.."And with The Laurier Institute as a partner, we will continue to uphold the association mandate to increase the level of knowledge, education and training of supply chain and logistics management.Our members have identified that there ‘s a real need for executive training and Laurier is well positioned to deliver it."

The Laurier Institute is the executive and management-development centre within the School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University.The School of Business and Economics is the largest in Canada,with faculty who boasts a wealth of academic and industry experience.The Laurier Institute has been providing high quality executive and management-development programs to a variety of industries for 17 years.Laurier has a strong,integrated curriculum in supply chain management at both the undergraduate and graduate levels,and is preparing to launch a chair in the field to further strengthen its research and academic offerings.This strong commitment to developing academics and graduating students with increased knowledge of supply chain management and logistics is a key factor in ensuring the continued development of a skilled logistics workforce in Canada.

The Executive Program:Essentials of Supply Chain Management is being offered in Mississauga from January 20 to 25,2002.The association and institute are now registering participants for the winter session.Interested professionals should visit the association web site,,or the Laurier Institute website,,or call The Canadian Association of Supply Chain & Logistics Management at:1-905-513-7300 or the Laurier Institute at 519-884-0710 ext.6903.

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