Study offers possible glimpse into future of transportation

by Canadian Shipper

Researchers at the University of Toronto have unveiled a study into future transportation that is raising many eyebrows.

The 150-page report, entitled TransCanada: Mobility, Transportation and Urban Frontiers, indicates that high-speed trains should be built to alleviate highway congestion and transport people between Toronto and Montreal in one hour.

It also calls for the construction of a terminal on the U.S./Canada border that could serve as a border crossing, airport and train station, relieving the traffic buildups at border crossings.

“We essentially need to build cities in Canada that focus on moving people around quickly, rather than focus on constructing buildings,” Professor Pierre Belanger, co-ordinator of the effort said. "We are basically a country full of people who are trying to move around.”

The authors of the report admit it may be a bit of a pipe dream for the time being, however they insist the ideas outlined in the report are reasonable in the long-term.
“Obviously, to make these ideas work, we would need a lot more research and development,” says Belanger. “But these are feasible suggestions.”

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