Terminal problem has spread from CN Brampton to CP’s Vaughn Terminal

by Canadian Shipper

Trucker protests have now spread to the CPR intermodal Vaughan, Ont., terminal.

Gangs have appeared intimidating drivers trying to pick and deliver containers at the terminal and some serious violence has already been reported, the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) reports.

"Though CP has managed their affairs well and carters cannot/do not complain about services extended there, the driver community expects to have their message heard louder and clearer if the Vaughn Terminal is harassed as well," CIFFA’s e-mail bulletin stated this morning.

Meanwhile a solution for the backlog at CN’s Brampton, Ont., intermodal yard, where long wait times sparked the initial trucker protests, remains elusive. Cartage company owners are still discussing a way around the impasse between driver demands and solutions offered by CN.

"Under the circumstances it is highly unlikely that the massive weekend efforts proposed by CN can be successful. Albeit some dent may be achieved by some carters willing to work with the added police protection now in place," CIFFA says.

Many carters have stopped servicing the terminal due to threats of violence uttered by protesting truckers.

Police presence is supposed to be boosted at the yard. .Also, additional CN police has been called in to add more security. CN believes that this should suffice to protect the carter community willing to work.

"We encourage our members to avail themselves of the newly introduced CN reservation system and coordinate pick-ups with their cartage providers. It would also help immensely if weekend deliveries could be arranged between our members and their customers. Any effort will be appreciated by the community at large in helping to clear this cursed backlog," CIFFA advised its members. "With the seasonal (Xmas) high volume impact to start now, the community simply cannot afford to sustain such a bottleneck for an extended period of time."

A joint letter is being prepared by the Shipping Federation, CIFFA and the CAIE to the Ministers of Transport for Canada and Ontario and the CTRA.

"The economic consequences of a long drawn out dispute can be simply horrific. Just imagine: No more rail service, resulting in port congestion, resulting in ships being diverted to other (US) ports, Xmas delivery deadlines missed, Xmas Season dependent importers and retailers going out of business, etc. And all this after SARS, the blackout, mad-cow scare and all the other woes encountered!"

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