TransCore, Manitoba Transport Institute identify transport trends

by Canadian Shipper

WINNIPEG, Man. — Ontario, and the Greater Toronto Area, are the sources of and destinations for most spot market freight, according to groundbreaking new research by the University of Manitoba Transport Institute and TransCore Link Logistics.

The two organizations recently released preliminary findings from a joint research project looking at Canadian trucking and logistics trends using TransCore’s Loadlink freight-matching data.

“Using this unique data set provides us a particularly compelling view into the Canadian logistics market,” said Paul Larson, director of the Transport Institute at the University of Manitoba. “Observations that in the past might have been more intuitive in nature are now backed with qualitative and quantitative assessment, both confirming and expanding our understanding of the dynamics at play in the Canadian market. This information also supports UMTI’s commitment to the Innovative Freight Practices project to reduce empty backhaul miles and GHGs. Freight matching can enhance service, reduce costs and make freight movement more sustainable in the long-run.”

TransCore’s Loadlink service includes over 13 million loads and trucks every year.

“By identifying patterns of freight movement within Canada and across the US border, Canadian transportation companies can make valuable insights to improve their operating efficiencies,” said Claudia Milicevic, TransCore’s Link Logistics general manager. “It can also assist carriers with better load planning by optimizing their trip scheduling and reducing empty miles.”

Other preliminary findings include: postings originating in the US bound for Canada accounted to more than 61% of total freight volume and 39% of equipment volume; outbound postings from Canada to the US accounted for 13% of load volumes and 31% of equipment volumes; and domestic loads within Canada accounted for 21.8% of freight and 30% of equipment.

The top seven sources of freight were: Ontario; Quebec; Ohio; Pennsylvania; Illinois; California; and Alberta. The top seven destinations were: Ontario; Quebec; Alberta; B.C.; Manitoba; Saskatchewan; and New Brunswick.

The top five source cities for freight were: the GTA; Montreal; Calgary; Edmonton; and Chicago.

The top five destination cities were: the GTA; Montreal; Calgary; Edmonton; and Winnipeg.

Other findings included: year-to-year load postings have recovered from 2009 between 30-50%; year-over-year equipment postings are down between 12-18%; year-over-year recovery in loads from July-Sept 09 to July-Sept 2010 was greatest in the transborder market. The capacity reduction is greatest in the Canadian domestic market.

Year-over-year load postings in the domestic Canadian market rose between 30-48% while domestic equipment postings decreased between 10-36%.

Year-over-year load postings in the transborder market rose between 29-55%.

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