Transport Minister asks for examination on hours of service rules

by Canadian Shipper

Canada’s Federal Transport Minister David Collenette wants the House of Commons Standing Committee on Transport and Government Operations to examine the rules governing commercial drivers’ hours of service.

A review of the rules for commercial drivers’ hours of service is already being conducted under the auspices of the CCMTA, a joint provincial, territorial and federal organization that coordinates motor vehicle transportation and highway safety matters.This examination will build on their ongoing work.

The group also includes representatives from the trucking industry and from public safety organizations.

Once the committee has completed its deliberations, their findings will be discussed with the CCMTA in their review of the issue.

“The committee’s examination will add to our body of knowledge and allow broader public input. Public consultation is essential on this issue,” said Mr. Collenette.

The CCMTA’s proposal to modernize and simplify the current rules would see proposed changes shorten drivers’ workdays and provide more opportunity to rest and recover, on a daily basis, from the effects of fatigue.

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