Transport Minister releases paper on transportation challenges

by Canadian Shipper

Federal Transport Minister David Collenette has released an issue paper on the challenges facing transportation in Canada. The paper, “Creating a Transportation Blueprint for the Next Decade and Beyond: Defining the Challenges”, is part of the Government of Canada’s transportation blueprint project, launched by the Minister on April 11, 2001.

“The document, which defines the transportation challenges we face, is the starting point for discussion. I believe that it is important that the Government of Canada take the initiative and lead the process in shaping the blueprint for the future. How well Canada deals with these challenges will determine the breadth of our economic growth, our place in the world as a leader and innovator, and the quality of life we enjoy in this country,” said Collenette.

Over the next 12 months, the Minister and senior Transport Canada officials will hold consultation sessions with the transportation industry, stakeholders, academic community, shippers and provincial, municipal, territorial and local governments. The Minister invited key stakeholders to a round table discussion today and similar events will be held in selected cities across Canada.

The objective of the blueprint project is to renew the transportation agenda of the Government of Canada by developing a strategy that will guide decisions to help further the development of a safe, efficient, integrated, affordable, accessible and environmentally responsible transportation system. The project will build upon the work of the Canada Transportation Act Review Panel, the Transportation Climate Change Table and discussions which took place at the June 2000 Millennium Conference.

“Our goal should be nothing less than the best national transportation system in the world, a system that supports our economy and our trade and stimulates competition and productivity, and puts Canada in the forefront of technological innovation. A system that flows smoothly through our cities and across our borders – and seamlessly from one mode to another, from ship to train to truck, from plane to public transit,” said Collenette.

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