Transportation central to maintaining standard of living states new report

by Canadian Shipper

Canada needs to develop an industry-led vision for transportation that prioritizes and includes strategic investments and long-term funding, says a new report from the Western Transportation Advisory Council (WESTAC).

The 36-page report reflects that there is hardly a single sector or region of Canada that is not dependent on transportation to bring its labour force to and from work each day, assemble the materials for production at a single site, distribute a product to its market, service clients at either the point of production or in their marketplace, and provide for social and cultural ties.

“Transportation links the nation and provides important trade corridors to and from eastern and western Canada and south of the border, it also means jobs for our young people now and for our children in the future. It is critical that government and industry work together in investing in transportation as this is not only a business venture, but an investment in our quality of life and a prosperous economy,” said Ruth Sol, President of WESTAC.

The report outlines the key elements that make transportation the foundation of Canadian society, the challenges, changes and strategies needed to address and maintain infrastructure investment for future generations.

The report, aimed at informing the public and elected officials, demonstrates the costs and benefits of Canada’s transportation infrastructure and argues transportation infrastructure is the “heart” of Canada’s economy and society.

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