Trimac Transportation launches e-commerce order entry and fulfilment service

by Canadian Shipper

Calgary-headquartered Trimac Transportation has announced that Inland Cement has integrated its systems with the motor carrier’s new e-business network to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of order entry and fulfillment.

The e-commerce network coordinates Inland Cement’s orders from across all the prairie provinces into one central database. This allows for centralized coordination for the movement of all bulk shipments of cement.

Inland Cement has integrated its order entry system with Trimac’s dispatch system over telecommunications facilities using Internet protocols. This is a groundbreaking initiative for the cement industry and for bulk truck transportation that has increased the speed and accuracy of order entry and reduced order management costs, according to Trimac. The interface has been operating successfully during the busiest part of Inland Cement’s year.

Trimac is one of the first companies in the bulk truck industry in North America to have implemented an e-business network for linking its systems with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems of its customers for real time order entry and fulfillment transactions over the Internet. Trimac’s e-business network reduces transaction costs and optimizes logistics management.

Trimac’s e-business service is based on industry leading technologies that can be linked with most ERP and proprietary systems using both industry standard and customer specific transactions.

Inland Cement has operated cement plants in the prairie region since 1955 and is affiliated with a number of related businesses, which includes ready-mix concrete, aggregates, concrete pipe and construction services.
Inland Cement Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lehigh Portland Cement Limited, based in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Lehigh is ultimately owned by Heidelberger Zement, a German company, and is currently the third largest cement producer in the world.

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