Truckers’ guide takes guesswork out of crossing the border

by Canadian Shipper

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) has just published an updated version of its 1995 booklet Crossing International Borders: A Trucker’s Guide.

Like the earlier version, it provides practical information on immigration, customs and safety rules designed to make crossing the border as painless as possible. It also contains the latest information on rules changes that have come into effect since 1995, as well as specialized contact information.

This booklet is published through a partnership between CTA and the federal Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and aims to provide the information necessary to make crossing into Canada, the United States or Mexico speedy, simple and smoothfor both driver and cargo.

"Heightened sensitivity to border security today make following procedures and having the right identification and all the paperwork completed even more important than before. This guide will help drivers as well as anyone else involved in the clearing of goods at the border get the job done right," the CTA says..

Anyone interested in purchasing copies of the Trucker’s Guide can do so by contacting their provincial trucking association (see below). Interested parties from outside of Canada can contact the Canadian Trucking Alliance at (613) 236-9426 or by e-mail at

Provincial Trucking Association Contact Information

Ontario Trucking Association (416) 249-7401
Quebec Trucking Association(800) 361-5813
Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association(866) 866-1679
Manitoba Trucking Association(204) 632-6600
British Columbia Trucking Association(800) 565-2282
Saskatchewan Trucking Association(800) 563-7623
Alberta Motor Transport Association(800) 352-8225

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