Truckers want truck detention practices at NY/NJ port terminals investigated

by Canadian Shipper

U.S. motor carriers are pushing the Federal Maritime Commission to
Investigate what they call the egregious unreasonable practices” of certain members of the New York Terminal Conference.

Specifically, the association refers to truck detention at three terminals, as well as rates, tariffs, charges and rules.

“This action has been a long time coming,” said Jeffrey Alan Bader,
President of the Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers. ” It negatively impacts our area in many ways. Goods get to market late and trucks waiting in line cause additional pollution factors.

“We are concerned that frustrated shippers and carriers may route through other ports greatly impacting the region’s economy,” he added.

“Finally,waiting in line for two to four hours means that most truckers can only make one or two deliveries a day, rather than the four of five they should. They cannot make a living,” said Dick Jones, Association Executive Director.

Jones noted that in recent days truckers have documented waiting times
of up to four hours to pick up or discharge a single container or chassis.

“This is unacceptable and bottlenecks world trade,” he said.

The 30-page petition has been specifically directed at American Stevedoring, Inc., Port Newark Container Terminal, Universal Maritime Service Corp., and the New York Terminal Conference. Not mentioned in the action are two major terminals, Maher Terminals Inc. and Howland Hook Container Terminal, neither of which are members of the New York Terminal Conference. All terminals are in the Port Newark/ Elizabeth area of New Jersey. Howland Hook is in Staten Island, NY.

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