Unisys, Polar Air Cargo provide Internet freight data

by Canadian Shipper

Polar Air Cargo is teaming up with Unisys’to provide solutions for customers with secure access to customized transportation services via the internet, reports Schednet.com.

This function lets Polar Air Cargo customers check schedule availability, make bookings, manage their allotments and monitor the status of their shipments online. In addition to reporting and data analysis, Polar Air Cargo customers will have access to information on the status of their cargo down to the individual shipment level.

Unisys has worked closely with Polar Air Cargo to integrate and tailor the internet services to meet its business requirements. By hosting Polar’s web service, Unisys will continue working with Polar Air Cargo as its business volumes and functional requirements grow to help the company maintain its competitive edge.

The solution provided to Polar, known as “eCargo”, went into production in late March after a brief pilot study involving several of Polar’s major customers. These first users provided feedback on system features and their comments provided insights on possible future enhancements to the system.

Unisys’ distribution services are accessible via the internet, internet-enabled mobile phones, mobile computing and messaging devices. They are designed to work through standard technology interfaces to suit the individual needs of shippers, forwarders, general sales agents, ground handlers and airline staff remote from their central systems.

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