UPS announces 2002 rate increases

by Canadian Shipper

UPS is implemented rate increases, which it says will be in line with changes it has implemented during each of the past several years.

The rate change will take effect Jan. 7, 2002, which is one month earlier than in previous years.

Customers also have been given a full 60-day notice of the change in response to research indicating they prefer a schedule more in line with their year-end budget planning.

On average, rates for UPS commercial ground services will increase 3.5 percent and the residential premium will increase from USD $1.05 to $1.10. Rates for overnight and two-day express services will increase approximately four percent, and rates for U.S. export services will increase 3.9 percent.

Rates for UPS Hundredweight, which provides customers an alternative to Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) carriers for shipments of multiple packages to the same address, will increase 5.9 percent. Still, UPS Hundredweight will continue to provide customers savings of approximately 50 percent compared to average LTL published prices.

The temporary fuel surcharge of 1.25 percent, which is the lowest overall surcharge in the industry, will remain in effect as a separate charge due to continued fuel price volatility.

“We’re confident our services continue to represent the best value in the industry, especially given the reach and reliability of our global integrated network and the industry-leading technology solutions available to both businesses and consumers who choose UPS,” said John Beystehner, UPS senior vice president of marketing and worldwide sales.

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