UPS tailors shipping tools for multi-location and corporate campus customers

by Canadian Shipper

Canadian businesses with widespread facilities and decentralized workforces face a double-barreled challenge: providing workers with the tools they need to excel at their jobs, while still allowing central decision-makers control and visibility of the process.

UPS claims to have come up for a solution to both challenges. UPS Connectanywhere is a Web-based distributed shipping solution which is hosted on UPS servers and allows dispersed employees whether on a large corporate campus, in multiple stores or offices scattered across the country or on the road to process and ship UPS packages from their computer desktops or laptops.

At the same time, the system allows transportation and mailroom decision-makers centralized control over shipping procedures and costs. It’s customizable, letting central decision-makers specify reference fields that control shipping activity. And it helps simplify billing by generating the detailed shipping histories that professional service firms require for client invoicing, UPS says.

“With UPS Connectanywhere, we’re bringing the power and efficiency of our Web-based shipping tools to a whole new set of customers,” says Wayne Bosch, UPS Canada director of e-commerce. “We designed Connectanywhere specifically for customers with facilities and workers who are widely scattered or located on a corporate campus, in industries like the financial, insurance, real estate, legal, automotive and retail industries, as well as higher education and government.”

In Canada, Queen’s University is among the first to install UPS Connect anywhere. By capturing shipping information between more than 15 faculties across two campuses, the software streamlines its administrative process.

"Cost codes and reconciling bills has always been a challenge with our many faculties and locations," says Denise Webster of Queen’s University Purchasing Services. "With UPS Connectanywhere, the process is simplified and efficient. It is all automatic, there is no key entry, and no need to search for missing general ledger codes."

In the U.S. more than 290 companies comprising more than 20,000 individual shippers, are using a similar version of UPS Connectanywhere. The Home Depot, Best Buy and Daimler Chrysler are among the service’s users.

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