UPS teams with BusinessVision to provide real-time information sharing

by Canadian Shipper

If time is the only thing keeping your business from getting more orders out the door, there is a new tool to help you, says United Parcel Service (UPS) Canada.

The courier has teamed with Rowie Walker & Associates Inc. (RW&A Inc.) to provide crucial real-time information sharing throughout the customer order process. A new application designed by RW&A Inc., ShipIt! links BusinessVision 32, the business management and accounting program used by over 40,000 Canadian companies, with the worldwide shipping system of UPS.

"By integrating UPS shipping functionality into BusinessVision 32, business customers can streamline and automate existing processes, and realize significant cost savings by reducing key entry time," says UPS Director of E-Commerce Wayne Bosch.

For Amico Corporation, a leading manufacturer of medical gas pipeline equipment, ShipIt! has reduced data entry time by 92 per cent (from 3 minutes to 15 seconds for the average international package), by linking customer service with shipping and receiving. "ShipIt! is a useful business tool as it allows us to save both time and money when shipping outside of Canada," says Amico shipping manager Steve Hagiwara.

Amico now processes orders faster, especially with international packages, because they do not even have to re-key commercial invoice information for export customs clearance. "With the time we’ve saved, we’ve increased the number of orders going out the door," says Hagiwara.

"We found business customers would take an excessive amount of time on shipments, as they had to recreate the order in shipping systems, which had previously been entered into BusinessVision 32," says RW&A Inc. president Rowie Walker. "UPS was willing to think outside of the box to work on a solution to link its technology with that of a leading accounting provider."

ShipIt! instantly sends BusinessVision 32 accounting information to the UPS Connect shipping system, and a shipping label is automatically produced. Before this technology was introduced, customers arranged for shipment of a product as a separate transaction and employees had to re-enter shipping information, leaving more room for error and taking unnecessary time.

The ShipIt! application is available through RW&A Inc. and other BusinessVision resellers.

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