US railroads resume all shipments under high security

by Canadian Shipper

Following September’s terrorist attacks, US freight railroads are to resume accepting all shipments, but under continued heightened security.

CSX Corp., parent of CSX Transportation Inc. has completed comprehensive security reviews of their facilities and key routes, while Norfolk Southern Corp., has coordinated security measures with the Association of American Railroads and U.S. security officials.

Movement of sensitive types of cargo has been limited in order to assess possible threats.

The voluntary restrictions were made in consultation with the US Department of Transportation and intelligence agencies in the interest of national security.

Certain security measures will however remain in place. Railroad police forces will employ heightened patrols, inspections and surveillance, as deemed appropriate for the security of shipments and facilities, while certain trains will have operations modified to satisfy security requirements.

The Association of American Railroads will continue to operate a 24-hour command centre linked to federal national security personnel and the railroads’ 24-hour operations centres. Furthermore, the industry will continue to restrict access to its information systems.

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