USPS and LanChile in new partnership

by Canadian Shipper

A new partnership that will seek to enhance trade in the Americas has been created under the name LanLogistics, a subsidiary of airline LanChile SA and The United States Postal Service, reports

Together, LanChile and USPS will provide a fast shipping service from countries throughout Latin America, Mexico and the Caribbean to final destinations in the US. The service will be marketed in all countries in the region.

Shipments will be picked up by SkyNet Worldwide Express, a division of LanLogistics, then be flown to the US, and delivered as priority mail by the US Postal Service. Delivery times are expected to be as fast as two to three days for most shipments.

The combined strengths of the US Postal Service and LanLogistics will give businesses and consumers throughout the Americas an improved opportunity to reach customers in the US. Currently these mailers must choose between premium-priced expedited shipping options and regular mail service.

Trade between the US and Latin America equals US$375 billion annually. More than 40 million shipments are exported from Latin America into the US each year, and this partnership offers a new option to businesses and consumers who wish to reach the US market.

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